Miscellaneous Designs Available

Custom Designs 

Jack Fish Memorial

A great memorial for any person who loved fishing.  A wire stand is included.

Price:  $63.00 (price includes taxes)

Jack Fish Size:  24"L x 14"H

Designed using roses and daisies, along with plastic eucalyptus greenery on a jack fish wire form.

Model:  CMJFC00463


Butterfly Memorial

The colored glass of the butterfly makes this an eye catching tribute.  A wire stand is included.

Price $66.15 (price includes taxes)

Butterfly Size:  19"W x 15"H

Designed using hydrangeas, and roses on a wire butterfly form with green and yellow glass.

Model:  CMBWC00750



Holiday Wreaths

Our holiday wreaths are crafted on various pine wreaths, and include a wire stand for easy setup.

Standard Christmas Wreath

Remember a loved one during the holidays. 

Price:  $35.70 (price includes taxes)

Crafted of red poinsettias, holly, gold eucalyptus, pine cones, glass ball ornaments on an 16" pine wreath with a red bow.

Model:  CMCWS00627



Custom Designed Holiday Wreaths

Unique memorials to beautify a gravesite during the holidays.

Gold Wreath

Price:  $47.25 (price includes taxes)

Crafted of cream roses, ball ornaments, gold fern leaves, gold eucalyptus on a 18" pine wreath with a glitter flower bow, adorned with a gold musical angel. 

Model:  CMCWC01017

Note:  Holiday wreaths can be custom designed to meet your flower and colour preferences.  Prices will vary due to flower selection and requested customization.